1 Million Moms have scarier reasons to be worried

1 Million Moms have scarier reasons to be worried



Last week the organization called One Million Moms was created in order to speak out against JC Penny’s hiring of Ellen to be the company’s spokesperson. But the website Funny or Die has, in response, come up with “One million other things that One Million Moms should actually worry about” and it’s hilarious.

If you don’t know already, One Million Moms is a group that loves to bash on department stores, or really anything, that celebrates same-sex marriage. They were furious after Macy’s put out their catalog featuring a wedding cake with two grooms on the top. They’ve also opposed the tv hit show Modern Family for portraying....a modern family including a gay couple. Now these stay at home moms, with nothing better to do, have moved on to JC Penny’s and have created a Facebook page to show their support for anti-gay marriage. Too bad only 40,000 members. 


Here’s a few things these moms should really be turning their attention to.


Demi Moore is no longer a sound role model

Personally I like my celebrity moms doing coke or struggling with a severe battle with alcohol. But whippets? It was reported that Demi was inhaling whipping cream cans in order to get high and better deal with her recent break from Kutcher. 


Sex with an Ipad

There’s a new clip on Fleshlight that men can attach to their Ipads and have a picture of a naked woman on the screen as they...well you know. Why aren’t moms up in arms over this?


Karl Lagerfeld is an ass

While visiting Metro magazine in New York, the creepy looking fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld announced that although Adele has a beautiful voice, she’s too fat. Hello! moms start assembling and sticking up for our women who may be a bit bigger but are beautiful and positive role models for our young girls.