4 Fun "Your Face Here" Sites

4 Fun "Your Face Here" Sites

These programs are as simple as uploading your photo and plugging it in.

I'm not the most computer savvy person on the planet, by any stretch of the imagination. I've often seen a funny picture or effect and thought it either took some serious computer skills to produce or an expensive piece of software. Luckily, my husband's a little more versed in the ways of the Internet, and he pretty much laid it out straight for me...if you want it, chances are, you can find it free online. And, after spending some time poking around, I have to admit he's right—just don't tell him that.


Some of the simplest effects I never knew existed online are the very basic “Your Face Here” types of photo altering programs. The concept is simple, you find a template you like, upload or crop a picture of yourself—or whoever—and plug the face into the image. There are all kinds of sites like this on the net.

  • Festisite.com allows you to put your mug in logos, playing card face cards and a wide variety of currencies from around the world.


  • MagMyPic.com gives you the ability to add your image onto fake magazines and comics. Who wouldn't want to be on the cover of “World of Tatts Monthly” right?


  • FaceInHole.com lets you put your face into famous works of art, celebrity fashion photos, movie stills, silly pictures and a whole lot more.


  • HairMixer on MakeOvr.com helps you to answer the age old question: How would I look in Paris Hilton's hair? The HairMixer gallery of celebrities is vast and there is much fun to be had testing out their 'dos.