Conan releases naked pics before it becomes illegal

Conan releases naked pics before it becomes illegal



If the new “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) bill is passed, it may become illegal to photoshop pictures of people’s heads on to other naked bodies. If this is the case, Conan o’brien is taking the opportunity to doctor photos while he still can without prosecution.

We can always count on Coco for a laugh and, O’Brien has delivered once again on his newest show Conan.  The other night Conan displayed his own cache seductive pictures of celebrities posing nude for the world. 


Pictures included:


New North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un clutching his hairy beer belly

A buff Ron Paul posing will little else except a fedora and cloth

Simon Cowell milking a cow in nothing but rubber boots and a nasty sort of garter belt

Nancy Pelosi posing seductively on a bed wearing only a lace up corset YIKES!!

A shirtless Newt Gingrich with tattooed arm sleeves and a hairy gut

And a full nude shot of John Madden


But photoshopping celebrity heads onto naked bodies won’t be the only thing banned if SOPA is passed. The wide spread effects of the bill could potentially make it illegal to manipulate content on popular website such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even personal blogs.


Many around the country have protested against the bill and even Obama has opposed the it saying SOPA goes against this country’s first amendment, freedom of speech. I don’t know what is yet to come of SOPA but I do hope Conan gets all his internet related content out before its too late.