Funny holiday photos

Funny holiday photos

I wanted to share some of this years favorites.


One of my favorite things about this holiday season are the hilarious pictures capturing, failed attempts to set up lights on ones house, or family pics with santa for holiday cards. I wanted to share some of this years favorites:

Creepy armless Santa. This is a classic. Literally. The picture was taken like one hundred years ago and captures the true essence of these girls’ fear. What’s the deal with santa? Apparently a hundred years ago, everyone, including ole Saint Nick, was skinnier. And, this guy also  looks like he could be the Travelocity Gnome’s great grandfather. The best part of this picture is the caption. “Did we mention that he sees you when you’re sleeping”. So terrifying!



Here’s another mysterious photo from the past. Oh so many questions! Remember the part in A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s forced to wear his crazy aunt’s pink bunny suit. Well this gives a whole new spin to costumes on Christmas morning. I thought little girls dressed like princesses, not brides! And her brother! Dude what’s with the legs and glasses? Maybe he’s upset that instead of finding presents under his tree, he discovered a mini bride. 


This season, this guy wanted to decorate his house in a different fashion. By hanging a dummy from his gutter and kicking over a ladder with a strand of lights hanging from the roof, this display drew many in the neighborhood literally out of their cars to save what they believed to be a real man in trouble. The jokster decided to finally take down his holiday gaff after a 55 year old woman hurt herself by positioning the ladder against the house and climbing to its top in order to save the man. He said next year he’ll just stick to the basics.