Funny St. Patrick's Day Pictures

Funny St. Patrick's Day Pictures

St. Patrick's Day has always been a fun holiday for me, even though I'm not of Irish descent. And, since I married an Irishman and have three part Irish sons, it continues to be a blast. I mean seriously. Who doesn't like a holiday where there's an unspoken rule you can pinch random people for not wearing green? It's the little things, folks.

So, in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I encourage you to grab a frosty mug of green beer and enjoy these funny St. Paddy's pictures from celebrations gone by.




You can't very well have an Irish holiday without Irish setters dressed in green tutus, can you?








"I'm just brimming with pride and thrilled to be here!"







The old country is always on my mind.






Don't be absurd! No self-respecting Irishman dressed as a leprechaun in public would walk around without braided ponytails in his scraggly beard. It lacks sophistication.




Forget the oil can, pass me a Guinness. Wait. Is that Dave Coulier? Uncle Joey?






Even Shrek is Irish on St. Patrick's Day!






St. Paddy's PSA: Drink responsibly and always walk your burro home. You both have Cinco de Mayo to live for.







St. Patrick's Day totally shamROCKS!!!





No matter how you slice it, St. Patrick's Day is a great deal of fun for everyone—young, old, man, woman, child or beast of burden. All you have to do is embrace the spirit of Ireland, get creative and then watch out for cameras. Otherwise, you might wind up on next year's St. Patrick's Day edition of Funny Photo Talk.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!