How to Make Funny Picture Memes

How to Make Funny Picture Memes is a free online source for making funny picture memes.

Funny picture memes are constantly popping up and circulating the Internet. Have you ever wondered how they're made? Can anyone make them?


One of the easiest, free sources for making your own funny picture memes is They have a huge gallery of memes that users have previously created, plus another gallery of the images without captions if you want to give them a go yourself.

If you want to start from scratch, you can click on the “generate an image” button and choose your own pictures from your computer or grab one from elsewhere on the net. This is how a lot of the hilarious movie stills and captions are made. Then you can customize a new background or just go right to adding the captions.


Another popular meme format that's been huge, on Facebook especially, is the “What I Really...” meme. I've seen these memes for careers, interests and just about every group of people out there, from anime lovers to crochet addicts. Wildly popular. If you've seen them around and wished you knew how to make them, has a separate section just for those.


The process for making a “What I Really...” meme is basically the same as the generic image and caption variety. You choose your pictures and add your captions. The biggest difference is the number of pictures and captions you need, which is customizable as well. You can choose to have 4, 6, 8, or 10 pictures in your meme. From there it's just plugging things in.


Creating memes is a lot of fun—almost as much fun as sharing them. And, if you're like me, and weren't born with a natural technical inclination, the simple programs on MemeGenerator make it easy, too.