Kim Jong-il loves to look at things

Kim Jong-il loves to look at things



I was recently reading a list of the best tumblrs from 2011. There were a lot of great ones, ranging from educational, to pop cultural, to most hilarious. It may sound boring at first but I highly recommend Kim Jong-Il Looking at Things

The tumblr follows the North Korean dictator as he travels the country literally gawking at random items (usually wearing his signature glasses). The funniest part of it all is Kim Jong-Il’s bull-dogged jowls which you may think is his bored reaction to the items he sees. But no, this is just his face. 


One thing this tumblr makes me think about is:

  1. Why does he travel so much to look at things?
  2. Judging by the expression on his face, is he even alive.
  3. Why does Kim (and his entourage) have such strong reactions to cheeses, sausages, and jam products?


Some of my favorites are:


Kim jong-il “looking at soda” while his right hand man stands intently by his side making sure his leader is pleased.


Kim jong-il “looking at sausages” he’s so pleased with the quality of meat his country produces


Kim jong-il “looking at a table of food” the most ironic picture since his entire country is malnourished and starving.


Kim jong-il “looking at cheese” He’s soooooo happy :)


Kim jong-il “looking at Dmitry Medvedev” as Medvedev actually is trying to draw Kim’s attention elsewhere.


Kim jong-il “looking at a pillar”. Everyone around, including Kim, is so content looking at building foundations.



Have a laugh for yourself. See the tumblr here.