Take time out of the day to have a laugh at some of these hilarious pics

Take time out of the day to have a laugh at some of these hilarious pics

So you’re sitting in your cubicle, it’s two o’clock and you need a pick me up. I’m not talking a shot of energy from a can but a visual break from staring at that excel work sheet. These hilarious pics will help you beat those mid day doldrums and the monotony of a long work day.

10 ways to spend quality time with your friends

If you’re like me you find it hilarious, and a bit disturbing, to look around the fancy restaurant your dining in and see people on dates not falling into each other’s eyes but rather falling victim to their smart phones. These funny pics portray just how much our friends don’t matter anymore, now that we have our iphones and apps to keep us company, even in the midst of company.


25 photos of Justin Timberlake’s hair

These photos offer a great time warp to the yesteryear of the 90s when N’Sync and JT captivated the hearts of girls (and boys). But looking back, I don’t really know what was so attractive about JT, I mean his hair was like a pile of top ramen slapped on top of his head. Check out these!


Skate faces

This is a great compilation of sixty one hilarious figure skating faces in mid twirl. Who thinks of this stuff! It’s actually really quite funny. 


Winter Monkeys

If you’re day dreaming about sitting in a relaxing hot spring in the middle of a winter wilderness, you may have to just live vicariously through these monkeys.